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Above and Beyond Exhibition visited by 13000 people in Bratislava

7 February 2019


The Above and Beyond Exhibition featured as part of the IAU100 100 Hours of Astronomy event in Slovakia in January 2019.

Credit: Patrik Čechvala.

The IAU100 Above and Beyond travelling exhibition received thousands of visitors at the Slovak National Museum – Natural History Museum in Bratislava, Slovakia. After closing on February 3rd, the exhibition will travel now to the VIDA Science Center in Brno, Czech Republic.


The Above and Beyond exhibition, co-designed by the IAU and the design studio ScienceNow, received around 13000 visitors throughout its stay in Bratislava from 21 October 2018 to 3 February 2019. Among its visitors, students came to learn about the past century of astronomical discoveries. Other highlights included the organisation of events around the exhibition during the 100 Hours of Astronomy Global Event on 10-13 January 2019.


From mid-February to 31 March, the next stop of the exhibition will be the VIDA Science Center in Brno, Czech Republic. The Above and Beyond Exhibition will then be featured at the IAU Flagship Events in Brussels, Belgium from 11-13 April. This will include the Astronomy with and for Society event, which will feature dedicated sessions with high-level representatives and prominent astronomers, and the IAU100 Amateur Astronomy Day Event that aims to further build the relationship between amateur astronomers, their organizations and the IAU.


You may also produce your own version of the Full-scale exhibition and localise it to your own language. All materials are available here. There is also a rescaled budget version of the exhibition that can be easily replicated in any printing facility worldwide. Event organisers have used these materials for various IAU100 activities, such as the 100 Hours of Astronomy.


You can find more information about the technical characteristics of the exhibition on the following links:


Choose your preferred version and organize an Above and Beyond exhibition in your community! And don’t forget to share your event internationally by registering it at the IAU100 Event Calendar here.


Jorge Rivero González
IAU100 Coordinator

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