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Apply for Greater Event Visibility Through the IAU100 Endorsed Projects

15 February 2019

Argentina - via Beatriz Garcia 2.jpg

Telescope observation activity as part of the IAU100 100 Hours of Astronomy event in January 2019 in Argentina.

Credit: Achernar, Mar del Plata, Argentina.

The IAU100 Endorsed projects provide extra means to achieve the IAU100 main goals and objectives. This project category is intended to provide large global projects, which satisfy the vision of IAU100, with greater international recognition and an opportunity to connect with other celebrations worldwide. 


Although the focus of the global activities will be on the IAU100 Global Projects, it is acknowledged that these endorsed initiatives are not the only large-scale  projects that will contribute to the vision and goals of IAU100. For this reason, a category within the global structure has been set established for “IAU100 Endorsed projects”.


These endorsed projects are provided extra means to achieve the IAU100's main goals and objectives, including increased visibility throughout the IAU100 network. 


Endorsed projects are selected according to the prioritised criteria below:


1. The endorsed project should satisfy at least one of the IAU100 goals;


2. The endorsed project should be a global project;


3. The endorsed project should be financially independent (special projects should not seek funding from the IAU100 Secretariat);


4. The endorsed project should demonstrate sufficient potential for successful implementation. This may include, but is not limited to, human resources, funding, implementation plans, etc.


5. The bulk of the endorsed project should be implemented in 2019. If the project extends far beyond 2019, then a clear theme or focus of the project for  IAU100 should take place during 2019);

The IAU100 Endorsed Projects page can be found here.


How To Apply:

Any projects that satisfy the above criteria are encouraged to submit a letter of motivation to the IAU100 Secretariat ( The should not exceed two pages in length and should clearly indicate the vision of the project and how each of the criteria is satisfied.


Jorge Rivero González
IAU100 Coordinator

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