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Astronomical Fridays 2019 (Viernes Astronómicos 2019)

Astronomical Fridays 2019 is currently the longest-running series of outreach talks in the history of Peru, with nearly 35 years of continuous astronomy and space science communication with the public. This initiative is now dedicated to the celebrations of the 100 Years of The International Astronomical Union. Public astronomy talks and stargazing events will be conducted for a wide range of public audiences - from schoolchildren to any scientists - that will be held every Friday throughout the academic year 2019 in the Faculty of Physics of the “Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos - The oldest university of all the Americas”. With simple language and didactic materials for all educational levels, the Astronomical Fridays will make everyone feel closer to  the wonders of the Universe. These events will illustrate various discoveries in astronomy and will aim to highlight their contribution and impact on human culture. They will also emphasise our Incas ancient astronomical past as cultural heritage.


Lima, Perú


  • Seminario Permanente de Astronomía y Ciencias Espaciales de la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos.

  • Museo de Historia Natural de la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos.


Victor Daniel Vera Cervantes

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