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Join the IAU100 Dark Skies for All Global Project to Help Save the Milky Way for Future Generations

19 December 2018


Astro-photographers, local teachers, astronomers and staff from the La Palma Office of Tourism explore the Quality Lighting Teaching Kit activities at the Starlight, Beyond Light Pollution workshop on the Canary Islands.

Credits: Valentin Grigore (President of the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy)

The IAU100 Global Project Dark Skies for All project aims to raise awareness for the preservation of quiet and dark skies and claim the right to future generations to continue to access our true night skies. The IAU100 is issuing a call for proposals to receive the “Turn on the Night” educational kit and encourages educators, astronomy professionals and enthusiasts around the world to apply.


Astronomy represents a rich and significant aspect of our cultural and natural heritage. The Dark Skies For All Global Project stresses the importance of the night skies as a legacy to future generations. Following successful initiatives throughout recent years, the Dark Skies for All project relies on existing education programs on light pollution to reach out to students and the general public.


The “Turn on the Night” educational kit will be released by Laser Classroom, a US-based educational  manufacturer, in the early spring of 2019. This kit immerses students and the general public in experiencing light pollution issues and solutions with activities designed around problem-based learning scenarios. Most of the activities can be done during class or after-school, stand-alone activities.


The IAU100 Global Project Dark Skies for All is welcoming proposals for the distribution of the “Turn on the Night” kit. The educational kit allows students and the public to address real lighting problems related to sky glow, glare, light trespass and energy consumption. Throughout the IAU100 Global Program, about 200 educators around the world will be able to have this kit at production cost. Around 50 additional kits will be attributed and distributed for free by the IAU100 Secretariat to those who cannot afford the production cost. To apply for these IAU100 special conditions, please submit the completed application by 1 March 2019. The application can be found here.

And in May 2019, save the date as IAU100 Dark Skies for All will also be promoting the organization of worldwide activities around the UNESCO International Day of Light on 16 May 2019, an international initiative celebrating the vital role of light and related technologies in science, culture and art, education and sustainable development.


Sze-leung Cheung

IAU International Outreach Coordinator


Constance Walker
National Optical Astronomical Observatory

Jorge Rivero González
IAU100 Coordinator

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