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Moon Landing 50 Winners Announced

29 November 2019


Moon Landing 50 Event in Thailand.
Credit: Credit: Hathaichanok Therdthampaisal

Ten Winners have been selected as the winners across three categories from the global Moon Landing 50 celebrations that took place on and around 20 July 2019.


The IAU100 Moon Landing 50 celebration was conceived as an IAU100 global project to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first human landing on the moon in 1969. The project comprised the largest coordinated Moon landing anniversary action worldwide with over 1 million people attending events in 128 countries.


Four prize categories were created to stimulate additional engagement and participation for the Moon Landing 50 global event. Event organisers were invited to complete a short form to provide information about their events. This information was used to select the following winners for the four prize categories.


The ‘Astronomy For All’ Prize: Awarded to the events that demonstrated the strongest consideration for inclusiveness, diversity and equity in their Moon Landing 50 event - particularly for underserved minorities. 

Mauricio Chacón Pachón (Colombia)

Liubomir Baburov (Bulgaria)

ONG Science Géologique pour un Développement Durable (Togo)

Aravindaraja D (India)

Fabián Montero Villalobos (Costa Rica)

Lykke Pedersen (Denmark)


Most Innovative Event Prize: This prize is awarded to the event that most uniquely and innovatively inspired and educated about the moon and astronomy.

Helen Schelll (United Kingdom)


Social Media Random Prize Draw: Event participants that shared a picture on social media during their Moon Landing 50 event using #IAU100 and #MoonLanding50 were automatically entered for this random prize draw.

Alireza Vafa (Iran)

HKUST Astronomy Club (China Hong Kong)

Raahe Shiri (Milky Way) with direction of Siavash Saffarianpour (Iran)


Moon Landing 50 also organized the Under One Moon international children’s art contest. You can see the announcement of the winners of this competition here.


Bethany Downer

Moon Landing 50 Event Coordinator
IAU100 Secretariat

Jorge Rivero González

IAU100 Coordinator

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