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Pale Blue Dot:
Astronomy for Global Citizenship and Environmental Awareness

Examples of Activities

On and around 13-20 February 2020, IAU100 will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the iconic Pale Blue Dot Image by encouraging event organisers to look back at Earth and how astronomy shows us the place of our home planet in the universe and can help us address global challenges.


To encourage the themes of global citizenship and environmental awareness, a growing list of activity ideas have been compiled for interested event organisers of the IAU100 Pale Blue Dot global project. If you have an activity that you believe should be included in this list, please contact Bethany Downer


Show the Film Earthrise

Organise a star party for the general public and show the movie by filmmaker Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee. It is about the first humans who saw the Earth from the Moon and how this experience affected them. After the movie, start a conversation with your community about global citizenship and what we can do to foster peace and ensure a sustainable future.


Classroom and Educational Activities

We encourage educational conversations about environmental awareness, global citizenship and what we can do to foster peace and ensure a sustainable future, including the role of astronomy. You may organise an activity with young people in the classroom or outside the classroom (in museums, planetariums, etc.) to talk about these themes. Here are some activities that can help spark these ideas and discussions:

Classroom Activity on Astronomy and Global Citizenship: For students to develop an interest in other cultures and recognize similarities to other students and cultures. 

Blue Marble in Empty Space - Classroom Activity: Students are taken on a virtual journey to outer space to experience that we live on a tiny planet that floats in a vast and empty space.

Golden Voyager Disk Activity: If you could send a message to the stars, what would you choose? What is important about our humankind?

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