Mobile Planetarium
in the Pampa

The Unipampa’s Planetarium in the city of Bagé (Brazil) was inaugurated in 2017. It hosts both a fixed and a mobile dome, which can travel around the Pampa region for school education activities in the south of Brazil For IAU100, this initiative intends to visit 18 different cities throughout 2019, to stimulate astronomy interest in more than 10 000 visitors to both the mobile and fixed domes.


Country: Brazil

State: Rio Grande do Sul

Cities: Bagé, Hulha Negra, Restinga Seca, Sapucaia do Sul, Três de Maio, São Francisco de Paula, Camargo, Esteio, Vila Flores, Sobradinho, Arroio dos Ratos, Cachoeira do Sul, Itaqui, Rosário do Sul, Agudo, Faxinal do Soturno, Gramado, Cacequi, Panambi


Planetário da Unipampa/Guilherme F. Marranghello, Rafael K. Kimura, Cecília P. Irala

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