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The project consists of a series of spontaneous, unplanned, short "interventions" carried out by professional and amateur astronomers in public environments, where astronomy talks is not expected. This includes  plazas and parks, in addition to public transportation (such as train stations, on the subway, or on the bus). This activity aims to involve millions of people throughout Argentina. And also serves as a tribute to the first astronomers, who educated and inspired with minimal resources.


Argentina. All the provinces (23). As the activity will be performed in unexpected sites, we can not indicate at this moment all the cities.


  • Achernar Association (Mar del Plata, BsAs)  and ITeDA Mendoza, as part of the NOC Argentina

  • Co-organizers: Museum of Córdoba Observatory, CODE Observatory

  • Supported by: Argentinean Association of Astronomy (AAA), CONICET-VoCar, Secretaría de Ambiente y Ordenamiento Territorial de la Provincia de Mendoza


Claudia Perez Ferrer

Beatriz García

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