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Ambassadors for Astronomy

The Ambassadors for Astronomy project will raise awareness of astronomical discoveries and developments created by international collaborations throughout the last century. It aims to provide public science and educational centres with resources in addition to ongoing support from astronomers who are active researchers. The project will target five countries: Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine. It will be carried out by early-career astronomers (students and postdoctoral researchers) who are currently, or were previously, based at the European Southern Observatory and are nationals and/or speak the native languages of these countries. They are ideal role models for inspiring the next generation of astronomers and promoting international collaboration. These ambassadors will visit education centres and deliver the equipment for three enquiry-based workshops: (1) 100 years of astronomical telescopes; (2) discovering “new worlds” (exoplanets) and (3) seeing the invisible (infrared astronomy). The ambassadors will also facilitate  open communication with these centres to provide ongoing support and to ensure sustainability for the project.


Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary


European Southern Observatory. Main Contact: Chris Harrison


Chris Harrison

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