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ArAS Program Trains Teachers in Palestine

7 August 2019


 Participants of the Astronomy Teacher Training Program in Palestine. Credit: ArAS, Dawoud Basem Duab Tarawa

The ArAS Astronomy Teacher Training Program provided over 60 secondary and high school Palestinian science teachers with modern training in Astronomy teaching.


Participating Palestinian teachers of the ArAS program have been trained in astronomy in several cities in the West Bank. Training included a full explanation of astronomy and in-depth discussions on how to deliver the information to students and how to produce explanatory scientific models. Hands-on training included the use and operation of various telescopes. An astronomy camp was also established in the eastern desert of the city of Bethlehem that introduced teachers to different astronomical phenomenon and modern topics of astronomical research with the aim of informing and empowering participants to continue their education of astronomy to local communities. 


An additional goal of the project is to stimulate interest in sustainable astronomy education and to  develop higher level education programs. The success of this project has inspired the Palestinian ministry of education to ask for expanding it, to include all the science teachers in Palestine. 


Find pictures of the teacher trainings here.

The ArAS Astronomy Teacher Training Program is one of 23 IAU100 Special Projects that has been financially supported with micro-grants to implement their astronomy initiatives under one or more of the IAU100 Themes.


Dawoud Basem Duab Tarawa

Project Coordinator

Jorge Rivero González

IAU100 Coordinator

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