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Hooked on the shadow-ASEAN Astronomy Workshop for Teachers (AAWT)

AAWT is a regional workshop for teachers from South East Asia countries (ASEAN). This workshop is designed to promote astronomy teaching for primary and secondary school science teachers in ASEAN and to bring the basic observational tools of Astronomy closer to them. The speciality of this workshop is that will be held in conjunction with Annular Solar Eclipse on 26 December 2019. This 2-day workshop will hold 30 participants and will feature talks, hands-on activities such telescope demonstrations and observations (day and night). Apart from that, this workshop would also introduce and demonstrate opportunities to use Robotic observatories in this region. These teacher hands-on training will aim at upgrading the skills, teaching tools and aids of these teachers, equipping them with innovative and simple method of teaching and learning. The immediate targeted impact is they can spread the knowledge to their colleagues at their home countries which can be used at their respective schools. Secondly, this workshop will allow the participants to use and exchange ideas when using other robotic observatories in the region. With this arrangement, the final beneficiaries will be the students in the region.




Mazlan Othman, International Council for Science Union (ICSU), Regional Office for Asia Pacific


More information soon

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