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Celebrate the Moon in 2019!

1 February 2019


Image of the moon as observed in Uruguay during the lunar eclipse on 21 January 2019. Credit: Marcelo Umpierrez 

From 20-21 January 2019, various activities celebrating the lunar eclipse were reported by IAU100 national coordinators around the world, from Thailand to Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil. The IAU100 lunar celebrations will continue throughout 2019.


In Thailand, events were held throughout January as part of the IAU 100 Hours of Astronomy and the celebration of 10th Anniversary of the NARIT from 19-21 January, which included a large viewing party entitled Close Encounter of the Moon. The event was held at the Princess Sirindhorn AstroPark in Chiang Mai, Regional Observatories for the Public in Chanchoengsao and Nakhon Ratchasima, which each offered activities such as stargazing, live music and talks. The event was also streamed lived on NARIT social medias with strong engagement from the public across the country.


A variety of lunar activities took place in January as part of IAU100. Fantastic images were captured in  Uruguay, while in Spain, a live broadcast of the eclipse was available for all to observe the moon. In Brazil, sky observers made an observational record of the total eclipse. Organisers in Bariloche, Argentina hosted an observation session and the country’s released a dedicated resource the "Bitacora del Cielo" a "Log of the Sky", which is available for download in Spanish here.

The IAU100 is excited to coordinate various lunar events throughout 2019. The Moon fascinates those of all ages, therefore we encourage everyone to organise  activities related to our closest celestial companion. In July 2019, IAU100 will be celebrating the Moon Landing’s 50th Anniversary - Let's All Observe the Moon! This project aims to encourage people worldwide to celebrate the anniversary from 20-21 July 2019 by organising Moon observations and lunar activities that highlight the impact of the various moon missions throughout the years. Event organisers will also be eligible to win various outstanding prizes. More information on this project will be available soon.


Plan your lunar activities throughout 2019  and share your event with IAU100!


Jorge Rivero González
IAU100 Coordinator

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