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Columba-Hypatia: Astronomy for Peace

The “Columba-Hypatia: Astronomy for Peace” project takes place on the divided island of Cyprus and aims to inspire children to be curious about science and the cosmos, while promoting a feeling of global citizenship and a culture of Peace and Non-Violence. In 2017, the project brought together children from the Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot communities, to learn about our place in the Universe, and about each other, thus breaking down barriers and stereotypes, while building bridges between the two communities.


In 2019, the project will continue its peace-building activities in Cyprus through astronomy, while also reaching out to global partners in post-conflict regions, who are interested in implementing “astronomy for peace” projects, providing them with materials (in the form of a guidelines manual) and support (both online and through a hands-on workshop) to promote the use of astronomy for development on a global scale


Cyprus & Globally (with focus in post-conflict regions)


GalileoMobile & Association for Historical Dialogue and Research

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