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Eddington @ Sundy: 100 years later

During the eclipse of the 29th of May 1919, the island of Príncipe, an island on the west coast of Africa, and Sobral, in Brazil, were the stage of historical astronomical observations undertaken by a group of astronomers led by Arthur Eddington in a joint expedition by the Royal Astronomical Society and the Royal Society. Those observations are a relevant milestone for the vision of the Universe we now have, given that they allowed, for the first time, to experimentally confirm Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. 


Eddington at Sundy: 100 years later is undertaking the celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the 1919 eclipse, promoting initiatives on a global scale, but also having the goal of being a cornerstone to create an historic and scientific legacy in São Tomé and Príncipe, especially on the of Príncipe at Roça Sundy. 


Based on a concerted programme oriented for Science, History of Science, Science Education and Science Outreach, we aim that the Santomean population gradually takes ownership and that the international community gets involved. 

How to Get Involved?

Schools, Clubs, Planetarium and Science Museums are invited to participate in 10 x 10, a virtual school exchange program involving 10 countries and 10 cross-cutting themes in science. During 2019, on the 29th of every month (except February and May) several themes will be addressed with specialists, such as: Príncipe’s biosphere, Climate change, Sky observations at the Greenwich Royal Observatory, eclipses, Inclusive astronomy, SKA, among others.

Everyone is more than welcome to join us in the online activities like eScience-cafés, videoconferences, online debates and more. Look at our calendar.

Institutions with exhibitions are invited to collaborate with E3 - Einstein, Eddington and the Eclipse, sharing their vision about the same “characters”.

Scientific and Educational institutions can be part of sustainability programme of Sundy Science and History Space. Please contact us by e-mail (see below).

Part of the programme in Principe in May will be streamed live. Keep an eye on the announced events.



Government of Sao Tome & Principe; 

Government of the Autonomous Region of Principe; 

Geophysics and Astronomical Observatory of University of Coimbra;

Núcleo Interactivo de Astronomia - NUCLIO;

Plataforma de Ciência Aberta – Município de Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo (Open Science Hub); 

Portuguese Language Office of Astronomy for Development – PLOAD;

Portuguese School in Sao Tome & Principe;

Science Museum of University of Coimbra;

University of Sao Tome & Principe. 


See associated organizers, partners and sponsors here.


Joana Latas

Diana Relego | Media contact

General contact

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