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Join the Global ‘Places Connected to the Sky’ Project

28 March 2019


Winter stars shine above the western horizon of Aiello del Friuli (Italy), known as the “village of sundials“

Credit: Babak Tafreshi/

Everyone is invited to submit a location that is connected to the Sky as part of the IAU100 Endorsed project Places Connected to the Sky.

This Project aims to raise awareness of how astronomy represents a rich and significant aspect of cultural and natural heritage. It also encourages the general public worldwide to engage with their local astronomy-related places and to explore other sky-related locations as part of a global collection that will be available on the UNESCO–IAU Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy.


Anyone interested in participating is invited to gather information about a location that relates to the sky that they wish to see in this collection. The user can then create an account on the Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy website where the proposal can be submitted for review by the UNESCO–IAU Portal team. Approved locations will be published on the portal.


This initiative is supported as an IAU100 Endorsed project. This project category is intended to provide  large global projects, which satisfy the vision of IAU100, with greater international recognition and an opportunity to connect with other celebrations worldwide. Please visit the IAU100 Endorsed Projects page to review the guidelines for becoming an IAU100 Endorsed project and to apply.


Ruediger Schultz
Places Connected to the Sky, UNESCO–IAU Portal

Doris Vickers
Places Connected to the Sky, UNESCO–IAU Portal

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