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The Eratosthenes Experiment

The Eratosthenes Experiment, organized on 21 March 2019, gives the opportunity to teachers/educators to collaborate with their colleagues from other schools around the world and measure with their students the circumference of the Earth, using simple means, reviving this way the historical measurement taken by Eratosthenes about 2250 years ago. This educational activity addresses teachers and students of primary and secondary schools.

Register on the projects’ website and provide us your school’s longitude and latitude. The project will bring you in touch with a school with a similar longitude as yours. Together with your partner school, you will record data, collaborate and calculate the Earth’s circumference. If no match-up school exists, you can always perform the experiment on your own.

Send a photo and participate in the contest for winning a scholarship to attend the 2019 European Science Education Academy Summer School in Greece, with all expenses fully covered.




​Research and Development Department of Ellinogermaniki Agogi, Greece


Giannis Alexopoulos

Dr. Angelos Lazoudis

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