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IAU 100 Years Celebrations at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science (EWASS)

10 December 2018


The IAU has officially launched the celebration of its centennial — the IAU100 — with a special session at the IAU General Assembly in Vienna, Austria. The session marked the beginning of a worldwide celebration of the past century of astronomical discoveries with the central theme Under One Sky. Credit: IAU/M. Zamani

EWASS 2019 will be held in Lyon, France, from 24 to 28 June 2019. The conference will welcome over one thousand astrophysicists from across Europe and beyond. On 27 June, the IAU 100 Years Celebrations will have a special session showcasing global and national activities organised during the celebration.

The European Week of Astronomy and Space Science (EWASS) is the annual meeting of the European Astronomical Society (EAS). With more than 25 years of tradition, it is the largest conference for European astronomy. In addition to plenary sessions, the conference hosts many symposia held in parallel, as well as special sessions and meetings.


With implementation in over 100 countries, including nearly 30 European countries, IAU100 is a valuable opportunity for astronomers, science communicators and educators worldwide to engage with the general public, policy-makers, teachers, students and fellow astronomers. On 27 June 2019, the IAU100 Secretariat will organise the Special Session SS39: IAU 100 Years Celebrations: Under One Sky that will showcase global and national activities organised during the celebrations of 2019. This session will highlight innovative astronomy public engagement and educational projects while demonstrating equity and diversity actions, best practices and lessons learnt.


Additionally, on 25 June 2019, EWASS will also host Special Session SS36: Inclusion day: working towards an equitable, diverse and inclusive Astronomy, that will cover various of themes pertaining to inclusion and diversity. Organized in close collaboration with the IAU100 Global Project Inspiring Stars, this will serve as an opportunity to experience research tools using multi-sensorial exploration in a safe and welcoming space.

The EWASS abstract submission is now open until 3 March 2019. The IAU100 Secretariat welcomes all contributions related to the Special Sessions.


Jorge Rivero González

IAU100 Coordinator

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