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Local Astro Guides: Astronomers on Foot Program

The group Khagol Mandal  intends to establish a program for local people from the tourist region of Konkan (Western Maharashtra) and along tribal belt of Nasik Region (Northern Maharashtra) in Western India who can assist in the establishment of a Telescope-on-demand activity. Primary  destinations for outreach have been identified and the creation of a training program for local people in sky identification as well as telescope handling is underway. These ‘bare foot astronomers’ will then be equipped to conduct sky observation programs for all visitors, including local people and the public. The initiative also aims to develop a means of training young people to conduct 3 hour programs in various locations. Astronomy outreach amongst tourists is also intended to stimulate a new group of astronomy enthusiasts and to stimulate the development of greater formal astronomy education.



Region 1: Tribal belt North of Nashik, North Maharashtra

Region 2: Coastal Belt of Kokan region, Western Maharashtra


  • Khagol Mandal (Nasik) for Northern and other parts of Maharashtra

  • Khagol Mandal (Mumbai) for Coastal, Western and Southern part of Maharashtra


Coordinator: Nasik Region:

Ms. Sujata Babar

Coordinator: Mumbai Region:

Dr. Abhay Deshpande

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