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Moon Landing 50 Telescope Contest Winners Announced

7 June 2019

Syria - Syrian Astronomical Society

The Syrian Astronomical Society and their winning telescope from the 100 Hours of Astronomy provided by the SSVI project. Credit: Syrian AStronomical Society

20 recipients and organisations from around the world have been selected to receive a telescope to be used for outreach and education as part of the IAU100 global event Moon Landing 50.

In March 2019, applications were accepted from around the world to win one of twenty available telescopes to be used for the IAU100 moon landing anniversary celebrations event, Moon Landing 50. The telescope is a refractor Bresser 90/900 that features a special mount, custom-made by ATM group “kijkerbouw VSRUG” (Ghent, Belgium) from the project SSVI. The telescope has been signed by several astronauts and the president of the IAU, Ewine van Dishoeck.


The selected twenty winners from the competition are as follows:


A. K . M Mohitul Hassan, Notre Dame Eco and Space Club, Notre Dame College, Bangladesh
Gabriel Andres Jaimes Illanes, Heroes del Boqueron School & San Agustin School, Bolivia

Fredy Robledo Torres, Astronomical Grouping Atacama Sur, Chile
Agne Jõgis, Rakvere Science High School, Estonia

El-Abbas Endaisha, Department of Physics - Misurata University, Libya

Razanakoto Mializo, Haikintana_Astronomy, Madagascar
Andres Eloy Martinez Rojas, Sociedad Astronomica Urania, Mexico
Tsolmon Renchin, National University of Mongolia, Mongolia / Belgium

Martina D'Angelo, Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics - University of Oslo, Norway

Joaquin Zurdo, Panama

Sandra L. Diaz - Merced, Proyecto Educativo en Ciencia / Matematica y Astronomia Shirohisa Ikeda, Puerto Rico
Nikola Delevski, Smart Robo Kids, Republic of North Macedonia

Gratiela Visan, Mihai Viteazul Secondary School, Romania

Ghaida Aloumi, AstroGeeks, Nebula Saudi Astronomical Group, Saudi Arabia

Christopher Luwanga, Space Generation Advisory Council-Malawi, Singapore / Malawi

Yi-Hsin, Shih, Zenith Astrobooks, Taiwan

Deodatus Stanley Kiriba, The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology, Tanzania
Asma Bdhief, Tunisian Association of Young Astronomers, Tunisia

Yaroslav Yatskiv, Astronomical Observatory of NAS Ukraine, Ukraine

Stacie Simpson, Girl Scouts of Citrus, USA


Moon Landing 50 is the IAU100 global event dedicated to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1969 first human moon landing. Registered events around the world will be collaboratively honoring this historic milestone by organising various activities in July and throughout the year. The Moon Landing 50 website also features visual and educational resources.



Special acknowledgement is made to BRESSER for donating the telescopes for this contest and to ENGIE ELECTRABEL and GILBOS for the support of the project. IAU100 would also like to thank the following individuals and organisations who sponsored a telescope assembly for this competition through SSVI: Andre De Coster, Paco Stevens, Fam Bataille-Isenbaert, Lucas Pellens, Adri Suijkerbuijk, Ivo Deblier, Hubert Hautecler, Aries Productions, School Mariawende Bruges, Wim Maats, Thierry Van Driesche, Luc Soete.


Bethany Downer

Moon Landing 50 Event Coordinator

Jorge Rivero González

IAU100 Coordinator

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