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IAU100 Celebrations around the World - Reaching out to the National Communities

8 November 2018


Children holding an Earthball. Credit: UNAWE

From Colombia to Madagascar, from Egypt to Japan. The IAU100 kick-off activities and global calls for events are starting around the world. With Astronomy events of all kinds, including national and cultural events, the IAU100 is engaging with  different communities worldwide. Meet the IAU100 National Committees and learn more about the people that are here to support you during the 2019 celebrations.  


In Colombia, our IAU100 National Committee contact Carlos Molina presented the IAU100 during the meeting of the Colombian Astronomy Network 2018. Celebrating “Under One Sky”, the National Committee will promote the celebrations and generate a new dynamic of cooperation in astronomy outreach in Colombia.


The IAU100 National Contact in Egypt, Fady Morcos, and the Scientific Society of Astronomy & Space in Egypt presented the IAU100 to the general public with two distinct events by offering astronomy lectures and sky observations. They also honoured Egyptian astronomers, both pioneers and the younger generation.


Zara Randriamanakoto, our national contact for Madagascar and the Malagasy Astronomy and Space Science, is launching a campaign to reach out to the local communities for amateur astronomers and those with a passion for Astronomy to get engaged in the preparation of the IAU100 celebration.


Other national committees such as Spain, represented by Amelia Ortiz Gil, and Nicaragua by Emilio Zúniga, are translating IAU100 resources in Spanish.  Japan is represented by Hitoshi Yamaoka, and is celebrating the IAU100 by launching an affordable small telescope. Indonesia, South Korea, Peru and many other countries are disseminating the IAU100 logos in their own languages to engage with a wider community. All National Contacts and global calls for events are promoting and disseminating  the same message for the IAU100 celebrations that, in 2019, will unite us all “Under One Sky”.


You can follow all the IAU100 activities through our media channels: IAU Astronomy Outreach Newsletter, IAU OAO Facebook and Twitter, IAU Facebook and Twitter, IAU100 Instagram. Follow #IAU100 across our platforms.

You can report the IAU100 local events in your community by reaching out to Lina Canas, IAU 100 Communications Manager ( and Jorge Rivero, IAU100 International Coordinator (


Lina Canas

IAU100 Communications Manager


Jorge Rivero González

IAU100 Coordinator

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