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Prizes Announced for the
100 Hours of Astronomy

11 March 2019

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100 Hours of Astronomy even in Baku, Azerbaijan organized by Famil Mustafa: 1st place winner of the ‘Astronomy for All’ Prize.

Winners have been selected for four prize categories to acknowledge outstanding participation and contributions in the 100 Hours of Astronomy global event that took place in January 2019.

The 100 Hours of Astronomy global event successfully launched the IAU100 celebrations in 2019 with more than 1200 astronomy activities taking place in 86 countries worldwide. From 10-13 January, various innovative and inclusive astronomy were conducted in support of the general goals of the IAU100 initiative in promoting the key role of astronomy for development, education, outreach and diplomacy.


To acknowledge and support the outstanding efforts of event organisers and the enthusiasm of participants of the 100 Hours of Astronomy global event, the IAU100 Secretariat established various prize packages. These winners have been selected and you can read more about each of their conducted activities here.


The ‘Astronomy For All’ Prize

One of the IAU100 themes is Inclusive Astronomy. This prize was awarded to the two events that demonstrated the strongest consideration for inclusiveness, diversity and equity in their astronomy event - particularly for underserved minorities.

•1st place prize: Famil Mustafa - Astronomy for All event in Baku, Azerbaijan

•2nd place prize: Ligia Areas - Los Pipitos Pedagogic Medical Institute Activity in Managua, Nicaragua


Most Innovative Event Prize

This prize is awarded to the event that most uniquely and innovatively inspired and educated about astronomy.

•1st place prize: Shweta Kulkarni - Chandranomy for Tribal Students Activity in Pune, India

•2nd place prize: Othman Zainon - Celik Falak (Islamic Astronomy Awareness Programme) in Johor Bahru, Malaysia


Biggest 100 Hours of Astronomy Event Turnout Prize

This prize was awarded to the event that drew the biggest public participation and engagement throughout the 100 Hours of Astronomy from 10-13 January.

•1st place prize: Dr. Selcuk Topal - Gelecek Uzayda Event across Turkey, with participation of 82 locations across 32 cities in Turkey

•2nd place prize: Jiang Hong - 100th Anniversary (IAU 100) Celebration in Nanning, China with an attendance of more than 20,000 visitors


Social Media Prize

Event participants were encouraged to share a picture on social media during their 100 Hours of Astronomy event using the hashtags #IAU100 and #100HoursOfAstronomy, which automatically entered them for this prize draw.

•1st winner: Adrian Diaz, Peru

•2nd winner: Parshati Patel, Canada


Similar to the style of coordinated events conducted for the 100 Hours of Astronomy, IAU100 will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1969 moon landing in July 2019. This event will also support activity organisers and participants with various prize opportunities. Planned activities for this event can already be registered for participation on the IAU100 website under the category “50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing”. More information and a dedicated website will be available soon.


Bethany Downer

Coordinator of the 100 Hours of Astronomy

Jorge Rivero González

IAU100 Coordinator

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