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Star parties for Basic Understanding of
the Universe for
School Herders Kids

This project will organize star parties throughout 2019 in various target areas. During these star parties, organisers will provide and promote Astronomical outreach activities for the children in the nomads areas of Mongolia. The project aims to strengthen children’s interest  in science and astronomical education through education and the use of an astronomical and Galilean telescopes for observations. These star parties will also allow children and their families to value the connection astronomy plays in natural heritage and also aims to stimulate open-mindedness in the region’s youth. Neighboring herders in nomadic areas will also be invited to participate in these star parties.


Tseterleg, Sukhbaatar, Choibalsan cities, Mongolia


  • National University of Mongolia

  • High School in Arkhangai province, in Mongolia

  • High school in Selenge, province in Mongolia

  • Educational department, Dornod province, Mongolia


Tsolmon Renchin

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