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Above and Beyond Exhibition
Display in Tokyo

8 March 2019


Selected panels of the IAU100 exhibition "Above and Beyond" on display at TeNQ, Tokyo. Credit: Hitoshi Yamaoka.

Selected content of the IAU100 exhibition "Above and Beyond" are on display from 4 March to 23 June in association with the astronomical photo exhibition at the TeNQ museum in Tokyo, Japan.


TeNQ is an entertainment museum located in Tokyo, Japan, where audiences can enjoy the starry sky in a state-of-the-art science and culture inspired venue. Part of the history of the universe, starting from the Big Bang, can be experienced throughout approximately 40 astro-photographic panels . Five panels are dedicated to illustrating the progress of astronomy of the past 100 years from the IAU100 "Above and Beyond" exhibition, that have been specially selected for public display. The exhibition will also host a special lecture by Junichi Watanabe, IAU Vice-President of the Executive Committee. Find more information here.


The Japanese translation is provided by a collaborative effort from the Astronomy Translation Network (ATN), managed by the IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach (OAO). This large network of volunteers is composed of nearly 350 translators, scientific reviewers and proofreaders in 40 languages that are supporting the IAU100 celebrations by contributing to the various translations of IAU100 materials.  

“We hope that this collaboration can inspire others to deepen their relationship with the universe and with astronomy, especially during this year's celebrations of the 100 years anniversary of the IAU.” says Hitoshi Yamaoka, the National Outreach Coordinator and IAU100 National Committee Contact, who was also involved in the organization of the exhibit.


The IAU100 exhibition Above and Beyond, co-designed by ScienceNow Studio,  premiered at the IAU General Assembly in Vienna, Austria and has been touring in its original format throughout various cities in Europe. For its accessible, open source multiple formats, the exhibition can be easily adapted by local organizers wishing to join in the global celebrations. All exhibition materials are available here.


Hitoshi Yamaoka
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan / Japanese National Outreach Coordinator & IAU100 National Committee Contact


Lina Canas

IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach / International Outreach Coordinator

Jorge Rivero González

IAU100 Coordinator

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