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Celebrate Pale Blue Dot’s 30th Anniversary with Worldwide Activities Appreciating the Earth

5 December 2019


After one year of looking at one hundred years of milestones in astronomy with IAU100, let’s look back at us, Planet Earth, and how astronomy shows us the place of our home planet in the universe and can help us address global challenges on and around 13-20 February 2020.

IAU100 is delighted to announce the final global project: The Pale Blue Dot - Astronomy for Global Citizenship and Environmental Awareness.

The 30th anniversary of the iconic Voyager-1 Pale Blue Dot image will be celebrated on 14 February 2020. This iconic image illustrates the unique astronomical perspective on Earth: when observing our home planet from space, national boundaries disappear and the fragility of Earth becomes evident. This perspective is pertinent to remind ourselves to treat each other with kindness and take care of our home planet together. 


IAU100 is inviting everyone to participate in this final global project by organising activities between 13-20 February 2020 to recognise the significant anniversary by organising activities around the topics of global citizenship and environmental awareness. In particular focusing on how astronomy can help us address today’s global challenges.


The Pale Blue Dot global project intends to facilitate event organizers to use astronomy as a tool to initiate conversations in their respective communities about global citizenship and uniting people from all cultures and backgrounds. Furthermore, this initiative aims to inform audiences about climate change by using the perspective of astronomy to remind the public that the Earth is our only habitable home. 


A project page has been set up for interested event organizers, where collection of Resources and Activity Ideas have been compiled to facilitate the organisation of activities for the IAU100 Pale Blue Dot initiative that encourage the project’s themes of global citizenship and environmental awareness. You can also learn more about the Pale Blue Dot image here


Register your event under the category “Pale Blue Dot” using this form.


Bethany Downer

Pale Blue Dot Project Coordinator, IAU100 Secretariat

Michelle Willebrands

IAU European Regional Office of Astronomy for Development (E-ROAD)

Jorge Rivero González

IAU100 Coordinator

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