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The IAU100 Under One Sky Event will take place at the Palace of the Academies in Brussels (Belgium).



Participants can check in at the registration desks which are accessed by entering the Palace of the Academies at Rue Ducale 1, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.


Registration Hours

To be updated.


Participants are required to arrive timely in advance in order to pick up their badges. In order to enter the building each participant must be in possession of a valid I.D. card or passport. Unfortunately, no exceptions to this procedure are possible.


How to get to the Venue?

  • By Metro


The closest metro stations is Trône/Troon (Metro 2 and 6).


- From Central Station:

Line 1 (direction Stockel) or 5 (direction Hermann-Debroux) to Arts-Loi (2 stops), there take line 2 or 6 (direction Simonis-Leopold II) to Trone (1 stop).


- From Brussels-North Station:

Line 3 (direction Churchill) or 4 (direction Stalle) to Roger (1 stop), there take line 2 or 6 (direction Simonis-Leopold II) to Trône (4 stops).


- From Brussels-South Station:

Line 2 or 6 (direction Simonis-Elisabeth) to Trône (5 stops).

Find your stop with the interactive map of the Brussels subway

  • By Bus


All bus schedules can be found at


Lines 27-34-38-54-64-71-80-95 stop at bus stop Trône/Troon.


- From Brussels Airport

The bus station is located on level 0, one floor down from the arrivals hall. From Monday to Friday 8 pm the Airport Line is operated as an express service with number 12 and only serves the major stops. On weekdays after 8 pm and the whole day on Saturday, Sunday and holidays, the Airport Line is operating as a regular service with number 21, serving all stops. The route takes approximately 40 minutes.


The stop Luxembourg/Luxemburg (outside the European Parliament) is the end of the line. Afterwards take Rue du Luxembourg (Luxemburgstraat), at the other side of the square (Place du Luxembourg - Luxemburgplein). The Academy is at the end of the street, across the Boulevard du Régent (Regentlaan).


- From Brussels Gare du Midi (Station Brussel-Zuid) International Station

Eurostar (from United Kingdom), Thalys (from Paris, Amsterdam, Köln), ICE (from Germany) and TGV (from France) trains stop at the Brussels International train station (Gare du Midi/Station Brussel-Zuid). From there take the metro line 2 or 6 (towards Elisabeth) up to metro stop Trône/Troon. Then take the Exit 1 (Rue du Luxembourg/Luxemburgstraat). The academy is across the Boulevard du Régent (Regentlaan).


- From Brussels South Airport (Charleroi)

Every 30 minutes a shuttle coach leaves the airport (Brussels City Shuttle) to Gare du Midi/Station Brussel-Zuid. At the station take the metro line 2 or 6 (towards Elisabeth) up to metro stop Trône/Troon. Then take Exit 1 (Rue du Luxembourg/Luxemburgstraat). The academy is across the Boulevard du Régent (Regentlaan).

  • By Taxi   


Official Brussels taxis are all black with a black and mango-yellow chequered band along the side.

- Taxis verts

Tel.: +32 2 49 49 49

- Taxis bleus

Tel.: +32 2 68 00 00

  • By air


You will touch down at one of Paris’ major airports, Paris-Charles de Gaulle or Paris-Orly, or perhaps at Paris-Beauvais, specializing in charter flights. The airports are all within easy reach of the capital.

- Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU)


Also known as: Brussels National Airport, Brussels International Airport, Zaventem Airport

The main airport in Brussels. Located in the area of Zaventem, about 20 minutes by train from the city centre (Brussels Central Station). Most travellers coming from long-haul international flights from outside of Europe will land at this Brussels airport.


- Brussels Charleroi Airport (CRL)


Also known as: Brussels South Charleroi Airport

This airport is 55km southward from Brussels city centre and it takes about 50 minutes to get there by a shuttle bus or car if there is little traffic. It is still close enough airport to Brussels city and many budget airlines use it.

  • By Train


Brussels can be reached by train in a matter of hours from all major European cities.Two stations bring you right into the heart of the city. Centrally located and each with specific destinations, they offer smooth connections with the public transport network.


  • Gare Bruxelles-Luxembourg (Station Brussel-Luxemburg), the train station underneath the European Parliament, is in walking distance (10 minutes) from the Academy.

  • Gare Bruxelles-Centrale (Station Brussel-Centraal), the train station in the centre, is in walking distance (15 minutes) from the Academy.

Further information can be obtained at

  • By car


Drive to the city centre. Follow the inner ring road clockwise towards Wetstraat, then take the side-road of the Régent boulevard.



- Parking 2 Portes

Boulevard de Waterloo 2a, 1000 Brussels



- Parking Loi

Rue de la Loi 19, 1040 Brussels


Other Information



Euro is the official currency in Belgium.


Major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard/Eurocard, American Express, Diners…) are generally accepted in airports, train stations, hotels, larger shops etc.

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