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Dark Skies for All

The Dark Skies for All project aims to raise awareness of the preservation of quiet and dark skies. Astronomy represents a rich and significant aspect of cultural and natural heritage and the project will stress the importance of preserving it and passing it onto future generations.


The project addresses two fundamental areas - capitalising existing education programs on light pollution to reach out to students and forming a new IAU Dark Skies Ambassadors Network for public engagement on light pollution protection actions, including government lobbying actions, making the term “light pollution” a household term


The project will encourage the organization of worldwide activities around the UNESCO International
Day of Light 16 May

How to get involved?

You can participate on the Dark Skies for All project in two ways:


  • Join the network of IAU Dark Sky ambassadors to organize light pollution protection actions in your country

  • Organize educational workshops with students and teachers about light pollution using different educational resources provided by the project


Sze-leung Cheung


Constance Walker

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