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Inspiring Stars

Inspiring Stars is an itinerant international exhibition promoted by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) to highlight world initiatives that address the concept of inclusion at (but not limited) outreach, didactic, and professional aspect, using astronomy.


Inspiring Stars is a collaborative initiative in which resources related to astronomy research, communication and development are collected via an open call around the world and combined in a unique interactive exhibition. Inspiring Stars intends to broaden the horizons of children, parents, teachers and astronomers by showcasing assistive research tools and inclusive practices inspiring the love for science and the possibility of contributing to it in spite of apparent hurdles. It aims at elicit a chain reaction of committed engagement for an egalitarian participation of people with disabilities in the field of astronomy.


The exhibition will premiere during the IAU General Assembly 2018 in Vienna.

How to get involved?

To get involved with Inspiring Stars you can:

  • Host an event in your city;

  • Share your best practices in the field of astronomy for inclusion and have your work featured in the exhibition;

  • Reach out to us and tell us how you'd like to get involved with Inspiring Stars.


Maria Rosaria D’Antonio


Wanda Diaz Merced


Lina Canas

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