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Above and Beyond Exhibition

The Above and Beyond exhibition is a modest attempt at navigating through some of the most important and spectacular achievements in modern astronomy and space exploration. The exhibition takes the visitor on a chronological journey through a century of scientific, technological and cultural advancements (1919 - 2018), pointing to some of the most recognizable places and events that contributed to making astronomy one of the most awe-inspiring disciplines today.

The exhibition is a joint collaboration between the International Astronomical Union and Science Now. The exhibition opened during the IAU General Assembly in Vienna (Austria) in August 2018 and will travel to selected venues in 2019.

How to get involved?

All the content and designs of the exhibition are available under an open source license for further reuse.

You can either experience the exhibition at one of the forthcoming venues or reproduce it locally. There are four different versions of the exhibition:


  • Above and Beyond Full-scale DIY Exhibition
    You may also produce your own version of the Full-scale exhibition and localise it to your own language. All materials are available here.


  • Above and Beyond Down-scale Exhibition
    The budget version of the exhibition has been designed as a scaled-down version of the original full-scale exhibition. It uses the same designs and content but is rescaled to fit 100 B1 (70.7 cm x 100 cm) and A3 (29.7 cm x 43 cm) posters that can be easily replicated in any printing facility worldwide. All materials can be found here.

  • Above and Beyond posters

We have designed a special set of 12 A0 posters that feature the exhibition’s highlights. Like the full exhibition, it was designed to bring beautiful and insightful astronomical storytelling to the general public in the spirit of open science. This version is well suited for display at meetings, universities, schools, societies and other venues. The posters can be accessed here.


Jorge Rivero González

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